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Job Site Surveillance

Job Site Surveillance & Investigation in St. Louis, Missouri

Are you concerned that your workers are taking the day off early and falsifying their time cards?

Are you worried about theft of materials or equipment from a job site at night or theft by your own employees from a job site during the day?

Do you want to know if your employees are horsing around on a job site?

Are you concerned about your employees engaging in proper safety procedures while working for you on a job site?

When you need to know if your job site is operating as it should – hiring a private investigator can immediately provide you with video proof and answers and allow you to make follow up decisions accordingly. Hiring a private investigator for job site surveillance can also alleviate any “loose lips” around the office that may tip off your foreman or workers that they are being watched.

Job Site Surveillance - Theft Prevention

When you need to know WHO is stealing from your job site (vandals or employees), hiring a private investigator for job site surveillance can not only solve the immediate problem – but can put the bug in your employees heads that they may be being watched at any time down the road.

There are various ways that you can go about pursuing job site surveillance. There are expensive mobile surveillance trailers that will cost you about $12,000 – plus installation fees. And, of course, it sticks out like a 100 foot sore thumb and there’s still a software purchase and human monitoring costs.

Even a less expensive 35-foot mobile surveillance tower will cost you about $8,000 plus installation and software set up, plus monitoring costs.

But most job site theft occurs at night, and high definition cameras pointed one way can only do so much. With a live investigator on site, approaching vehicles or persons from all directions can be monitored. A discreet surveillance vehicle can be planted in the middle of or near your job site to ensure immediate contact with you or law enforcement (or both) --- and at a fraction of the cost.

Job Site Surveillance - Safety

Job Site Surveillance & Investigation Services

If your company is required to comply with strict Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines, your company can incur substantial fines and penalties if safety procedures are not met.

By monitoring your job site through a third party private investigator, you can verify whether workers are adhering to safety policies, allowing you to eventually have a face-to-face conversation with employees and mitigate potential errors. Everyone is going to act accordingly when the boss is around --- but how are they acting when you’re not around?

Another option is to place a motion activated camera or cameras that are triggered by after-hours movement. The camera will send an alert via email, text or phone call, notifying the proper personnel of any unwarranted activity.

Job Site Surveillance - Integrity

Most companies have no way of verifying whether employees’ time cards are accurate.

We can provide date and time stamped video proof of when your employees are working, on lunch breaks or leaving a job site with an encrypted e-link before you go to bed that night.

By simply having the ability to monitor your employees integrity from time to time, you’ll be able to save $$$, especially on prevailing wage jobs where extra minutes can quickly translate into lost profits,” said Meyers.

More often than not, many of the above listed services that we provide require an in-depth pre- investigation consultation that leads to a coordinated effort to help get you the answers --- When you Need to Know!

We have the experience necessary to successfully conclude every job site surveillance investigation.

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