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Workers Compensation Fraud Surveillance

Workers Compensation Fraud Investigations and Surveillance

Are you in need of a fresh set of eyes and a new company to partner with on surveillance for a potential workers compensation fraud case?

Do you suspect your own employee of workers compensation fraud by milking/faking a workplace injury while still off work, and want evidence for your insurance company, the court system, or to confront the employee personally?

Do you need to have a claimant or employee followed and/or documented for any reason?

We can help! Workers compensation fraud surveillance has been the bread-and-butter source of service for Gateway Investigations over the last decade.

We have a team of experienced workers compensation fraud investigators with proven track records for conducting well over a thousand workers compensation fraud surveillance assignments in the last decade. We have top of the line equipment, cameras, software and techniques to provide you with RESULTS, and we can provide excellent references for previously completed workers compensation fraud surveillance investigations all over the Midwest. Contact us today to find out about our private investigator fees and to learn more about how we can detect workers compensation fraud with our surveillance services.

How Can Gateway Investigations Prevent Workers Compensation Fraud?

Workers Compensation Fraud Surveillance and Investigation Services in St. Louis, Missouri

Nothing can combat potential workers compensation fraud like professional surveillance. Effective surveillance can help mitigate the exposure on even the toughest claims, and this is where Gateway Investigations shines. We combine a verifiable 82% video hit percentage with high definition cameras and dozens of years of field experience with our investigators, and our results are what will keep you coming back.

At no additional cost, each and every workers compensation fraud surveillance assignment received by Gateway Investigations includes a complete and thorough claimant background check, a criminal records check, a social networking investigation and previous day canvassing to ensure the claimant’s suspected place of residence is accurate.

We have the experience, equipment, and technology to monitor of the behavior and activities of people, places or objects. This can include direct observation by a covert agent from a distance by means of electronic equipment (a camcorder, a fixed camera or a hidden camera), the monitoring of electronically transmitted information (phone calls, texts, emails and internet searches) or through vehicle GPS tracking.

We can then submit documented, date and time stamped video evidence of all of the subject activities to use as evidence in eventual domestic, civil or criminal cases or arbitration hearings. We will also provide a thorough, storyboard photographic timeline report with pictures and summaries of the subject’s activities for every hour we spend on your case.

Gateway Investigations is well versed in all areas of surveillance, having conducted thousands of hours of surveillance every year. Our staff is licensed and insured in 10 states throughout the Midwest and we have the experience to get results in all situations!

Other Types of Workers Compensation Fraud Surveillance We Conduct

In addition to providing vehicular surveillance to uncover workers compensation fraud, we can also provide several other kinds of workers comp surveillance. These include:

Covert Surveillance - If you NEED TO KNOW where a person goes AND what they are doing when they get there, then a direct surveillance strategy is your best option. We will schedule with you a free initial phone or in-person consultation to discuss any known habits or hangouts of the subject as well as conduct an initial, basic background check, an internet research and a social media research to give you a basic idea of the person you’re interested in.  

Using discreet vehicles equipped with top of the line video equipment, in addition to foot surveillance based hidden cameras, we can follow someone anywhere and anytime to conduct covert surveillance on the subject. We can then determine whether or not your subject is at any location using one of several discreet confirmation techniques that we’ve developed. For this covert workers compensation fraud surveillance we can start any time of the day or night.

GPS Tracking– We can track a person or even an object using the latest GPS tracking technology. With certain laws and rules in play, a device can be placed on a vehicle or inside an object a person would be carrying (i.e. a purse, a backpack, luggage) that will give a precise location of the object everywhere it goes, and for how long it stays, at any location in the world.

This alone can give you the information you NEED TO KNOW or let you decide whether or not to proceed with additional Covert Surveillance.

Contact Us for More Information on Workers Compensation Fraud Surveillance

Every workers compensation fraud surveillance situation is unique and we are here to help you get the information you need to make well-informed decisions. Contact our private investigator at 314-238-1367 or email us at info@gatewaypi.net for a free consultation.

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