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No hesitation in recommending...

“I am proud to state that my firm was one of the first to retain Tim. I have used investigators for more than 25 years and Tim has proven to be the most competent and reliable investigator with whom I have worked. In serving subpoenas for me, he has proven to be resourceful and creative. He is an excellent witness in court and my clients have been impressed with his thoroughness. I have no hesitation in recommending Gateway to anyone who needs a full-service investigator.”

– Gary M. Siegel
St. Louis Lawyers Group

They get great results...

“I’ve been very satisfied with the work Gateway’s done. I previously used only one surveillance company (in Chicago) because I kept getting lackluster service and average to below-average results from other companies (especially the really, really big ones that are supposed to be “preferred” vendors). After trying Gateway out a couple times, I wound up splitting my business right down the middle between Gateway and the other company that I use.”

– Jeffery Davis
Technical Claims Specialist
Liberty Mutual Group

Great patience and professionalism...

“I just wanted to say thank you for the great work on this assignment. It was quite a thrill to show the surveillance footage to the judge right after the guy testified that he couldn’t push a lawn mower or reach his arms above shoulder height on crossexam! I showed two 10-minute segments during trial, and the entire DVD went into evidence. Steve’s testimony was rock-solid, and he showed great patience and professionalism throughout a very long day at court.”

– Katrina Robinson
Law Offices of Lawrence Cozzi

Recommend to anyone...

“Gateway Investigations has always been the best investigation company I have used. They get great results, are always quick to respond to any issues or questions, and come up with creative ways to get me the things I need to move my cases forward. They are competitively priced and I would recommend using them to anyone.”

– Jonathan Downing
Technical Claims Specialist
Liberty Mutual Group

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